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The Cygnet (Rosewood) Flute with Foam Lined Box

900.00 Grams
$11 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description


The Cygnet

Comes with a free foam lined flute box (limited time only)

Rated By Music Teachers As The Preferred Flute For Students

The Cygnet is currently our most popular flute. All quality flutes have their own unique strengths but what truly stands out about the Cygnet is its incredible ability to inspire intermediate students with its easy to achieve tone and resonance control.


The Power Of The Cygnet

The Cygnet was specifically designed with students in mind. Many music teachers buy the Cygnet for all of their students and according to the music teachers we have asked, the students show:

  • Significant increase in the speed of learning
  • Better control and awareness of basic and intermediate playing techniques
  • A more positive attitude during the learning process, having a more enjoyable time throughout

Now imagine playing the Cygnet at home. Even without a teacher, you benefit from the wisdom and experience of many a music teacher's "flute of choice" for their students. This wooden flute empowers you to take control and play with poise and confidence, due to its forgiving nature and ease-of-use. With the smoothness of the flute you won't be ashamed to practice. Because of the elegant, light tunes it produces, you will find yourself practicing more often, sometimes hours on end, further improving your confidence and skills in your newfound passion for playing a handmade wooden flute.


Quality counts;You are more likely not to quit learning an instrument when you have a quality instrument to practice with.We do not offer any lesser quality wooden flutes as we know we would be doing our customers a disservice if we offered an instrument that may hinder them from achieving their goals, or even worse, cause them to quit altogether.

The reason is obvious: learning to play music becomes even tougher and less enjoyable with a lower quality instrument that fails to stay in tune and produce the perfect sound you are striving to achieve.

Why do we use Rosewood?

Rosewood is a hardwood and is quite dense and heavy. The more dense the wood the better the resonance. Rosewood is not quite as dense as cocuswood or blackwood but it is still hard enough to allow for a strong earthly resonance and be cost effective at the same.



We use a sealing technique on all of our flutes that insures the flute doesn't leak meaning the air flows all the way through to give a strong low D. And if the flute can achieve a strong low D the rest of the notes will follow suit. We also use a technique during manufacturing that carefully tunes all of our flutes which allows each note to be in tune with each other. This is important as on a lesser quality flute if you tune one note correctly using the tuning slide it may mean the rest of the notes will be thrown out of tune. Our system ensures that this will not happen.


Standout Features

Ease of play: Specifically crafted for students who want to advance quickly, the slightly smaller aperture allows easy, unstressed air control. Not only does this aid with learning the proper breathing patterns, but it allows for more forgiving control over both the smoothness and crispness of the sound.

Visual beauty to rival its auditory pleasure: Finished in naturally treated rosewood, this flute will arrive at your door in an elegant lined-wooden box.

Trade in when you're ready: McNeela fully support your evolution as a musician with our generous trade-in program.When you are ready to move on to a more advanced quality flute, we'll gladly take back your current instrument and credit you a fair trade-in value on your next purchase.

Guaranteed against material defects and dissatisfaction: It's important to be protected by a good guarantee to ensure you have a quality instrument.

We proudly offer a 1 year Guarantee on the Cygnet against any material defects arising from the product. We're quite comfortable with this, knowing the quality that went into it's manufacturing process. Even beyond 1 year we will service the flute for a nominal fee.

Additionally, if you're unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever, we offer a full unconditional money-back Guarantee for the first two weeks after purchase.

Hopefully this will help alleviate any concerns you have about trying out our flute, knowing that you can return it for any reason if you change your mind.


Key Points:

  • 14 day Money Back Guarantee from the day you receive the item (For Any Reason)
  • Three Year Guarantee
  • Trade In Accepted (We're here when you want to trade up)
  • Comes With A Free Foam Lined Box which has 3 compartments for whistles.
  • If purchased before 12pm (Mon - Fri) it is shipped the same business day
  • Watch Videos Below For More & To Hear How It Sounds
  • FREE Returns (For any reason up to 14 days from when you receive the flute)
  • Only €10/$11.60 Shipping Anywhere In The World
USA & CANADA (5 - 7 days)
EUROPE (3 - 4 days)
UK (2 days)
IRELAND (Next Day)
Everywhere Else (5 - 7 days) 

Whistles in photo are for display purposes.



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